Venetian mirrors

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Original Murano

Artigianato Artistico Veneziano is a company founded in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, specialized in the production of venetian mirrors, and in ancient mirrors restoration also.

Nicolò handed down to his sons Vincenzo and Giovanni his artistic temperament, helping them understand the secrets of the different working techniques.

The mirrors of the Artigianato Artistico Veneziano company were exposed in several fairs and exhibition halls. The company has also furnished hotels, palaces, residences and private houses in Italy and abroad with venetian mirrors, tables, glass consoles and trumò, enhancing the artistic and architectonic beauty of the structures over the years.

Today, the Barbini mirrors, following a glorious family glass tradition dating back to the XVII^ century, are presented in India at the royal palace of Thailand, in Japan, they were very popular during that period, furnishing great palaces, and in the USA, in Russia, in China, in France, in Germany and between the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They are presented in hotels and exhibition halls in Venice and Murano.

The two brothers, Vincenzo and Giovanni, together with their respective sons, Nicola and Andrea, personally execute all phases of their craft, choosing the most well-suited models and techniques for each project at hand. These include glass cutting, engraving, leaded glazing and a special antiquing process that renders each mirror distinct and gracefully embellished.

In this way, artisans Vincenzo and Giovanni share their unique know-how, that’s part of an ancient artisan tradition. The art of venetian mirrors.